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A closer look at Oscar’s foreign-language shortlist

Cristian Mungiu şi Mihai Mălaimare Jr, nominalizaţi la Satellite Awards 2012

Romania’s Cristian Mungiu looks at love and faith in Cannes entry ‘Beyond the Hills’

Cristina Fultur and Cosmina Stratan, a shared Best Actress Award

Faith & Love Collide In Cristian Mungiu’s Powerful

‘I don’t want the film to be liked’, Mungiu told a press conferenc

I don’t think it’s good to compare this film with my last

Absolventă de Cluj premiată la Festivalul de Film de la Cannes

‘Pe Mungiu nu-l scoţi uşor din sărite’

Românii descoperă brusc două actriţe formidabile.

Filmul lui Cristian Mungiu, surpriza de la Cannes

Romanian filmmaker Cristian Mungiu is undoubtedly a Cannes darling

Michael Haneke’s ‘Amour’ and Cristian Mungiu’s ‘Beyond the Hills’ are both prime candidates for the Golden Palm

The Good and the Bad

Romanian director Cristian Mungiu has delivered a brilliant, scary portrayal of irrationality and fear in Europe’s dark heart

Cannes Check: Cristian Mungiu’s ‘Beyond the Hills’

Director Cristian Mungiu on Returning to the Fest With ‘Beyond the Hills’

Cosmina Stratan, premiu de interpretare la Cannes: ‘Dacă nu reuşeam din prima la Teatru, n-aş mai fi încercat’

Beyond the hills, the return of the Roumanian Cristian Mungiu on the Small cross

Beyond the Hills tests the unstoppable forces of religious faith and true love

The acting performances of the two unknown leads are pitch-perfect

Both young actresses are riveting

Two Romanians claim Cannes best actress prize

Cristian Mungiu, în competiţia oficială a Festivalului de Film de la Cannes 2012

Cristian Mungiu’s broad and true expedition into the nature of indifference

The film deals with two powerful themes in the Romanian psyche

MIFF 2012: A heady, spellbinding experience awaits just ‘Beyond the Hills’

At Cannes, Love Beset by Age and by Faith

Acclaimed Romanian realist swaps political nostalgia for timeless psychodrama

The powerful bond between two young women

Spare, unadorned and strikingly shot

Faith & love collide in powerful ‘beyond the hills’

Cristian Mungiu fait prier pour le Bien qui fait du mal

Au-delà des collines, première bonne surprise à Cannes

Le retour du Roumain Cristian Mungiu sur la Croisette

Le choc “au-delà des collines” de Cristian Mungiu

Le film du jour, “Au-delà des collines”

Cristian Mungiu si Michael Haneke, egali la bursa pariurilor

“Dupa dealuri” – pe cat de puternic pe atat de subtil

Cristian Mungiu: incerc sa nu critic pe nimeni

Le grand retour du Roumain Cristian Mungiu